Best Reasons to Keep Track your score: Free Credit Score

Credit is a topic that many people feel uncomfortable talking about, but it is also a crucial part of your daily finances. There are many ways to build a strong credit score, but even more ways to screw it up if you are not careful!

1. You Will Be Able To Keep Track Of Inaccurate Reporting 

Keeping track of everything reported on your credit will help you catch any problems that arise quickly as possible, so you can catch and fix them before they become unmanageable.

2. You Will Be Able To Better Manage And Maintain Your Credit

It does not matter if you are fixing your credit or maintaining your credit. Keeping track of your free credit score and credit history is imperative when keeping finances healthy.

3. It Helps You Save For Future Expenses

Surprises on your credit report, unwanted charges on your credit cards, cards opened up in your name. These unexpected events and more can make it impossible to make large purchases on your credit.

4. You Will Be Able To Monitor How Much “Good Debt” VS. “Bad Debt” You Have

Most of the time, when you think of debt, it would be medical debt, credit card debt, etc., but there is debt that is “good” as well.

5. You Can Use It As A Guide To Fix Your Credit

When trying to clean up your credit, you should check your free credit score and full credit report from all three credit bureaus.

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