You Inherit 1,000,000 Dollars – What Do You Do Next?

Here is what it would feel like if you won a million dollars. When you pull up the account you notice a 7 digit number instead of the normal 4. You spit coffee all over your laptop but who cares, you are officially a millionaire.

If I inherited 1,000,000 dollars.

Who would have thought that inheriting a million dollars would pose such a potential problem? I can’t help but think of Bruno Mars every time I say millionaire out loud.

Long term thinking.

I am sure I could find someone who is a professional and could guide me in the right direction with properly investing a million dollars. I could take the million and I would really have a nice diversified portfolio.

Slow and steady always wins the race.

Personally, I have learned the hard way in life how money works. I have let impulsivity get the best of me time and time again. While I have been able to generate cash flow.

The choice is yours!

Taking the time to find the right people, make the right moves, and come up with the best plan of action would not only help my family and me in the long term.

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