Would You Rather Personal Finance


Considering the fact that not even 1 in 2 adults has a savings account with a comma aka at least $1,000 something tells me as a whole more people should probably read up a little on money.

When we decided to take our student loans serious

I too had some student loans, my original balance of $40,000 was somewhere around $16,000 – $20,000, I can’t 100% recall.


like paying off thousands in student loans or deciding to get all in for your future, NEVER HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. Started using equity to payoff student loans, starting with $261,000. Also owed a few thousand on my car. 

why I blog about money!

I write about money so hopefully you read it and go, “Oh that’s cool, maybe I will make this small adjustment.”

When I post would you rather questions I hope people realize there are two sides to every story. Sure in the long run you can invest and save, but what if you are debt free?

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