Challenges For Women To Overcome & Achieve Success

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Women in STEM refers to women in these fields. This phrase comes up to represent women in traditionally male-dominated roles. Here are the top challenges for women in STEM.

1. Confidence & Intimidation

Feeling like you don't belong where you are or don't deserve it can be a huge hurdle to overcome for a woman in the workplace. 

2. Lack Of Transparency

Women, in general, are also less likely to understand their worth in the workplace, and without transparency, are also less likely to demand a fair price (or what they are truly worth).

3. Fighting Societal Assumptions Over Gender Roles

We live in an era now where it's possible to juggle career and life. However, women are also often penalized for wanting to do both.

4. Finding Mentorship

Even if the mentors are there, women in STEM often don't feel they have access to them. The reasons for this vary depending on the job, industry, and the people involved.

5. Lack Of A Community Or Support Network

Women in STEM have to fight to be heard and find like-minded folks (or other women) with whom they can connect and rely upon for support.

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