Why Student Loans Are Not Always A Bad Thing

Is he implying that student loans can be a GOOD THING? Now you are at the point of scratching your head and wondering why I would imply student loans are a good thing, but just keep reading for a second.

Benefits to having student loans.

I think there is an opportunity in anything you decide to pursue, student loans can help people who may have not ever been able to go to college actually their fair chance.

My Personal Student Loan Story

I went with WVU over VCU because my best friend was going there and they had a good football team. Great logic. But it was out of state, and that meant it was going to be close to $20,000 a year. 

Which is why a college degree isn’t always a bad thing.

Andy Josuweit who founded Student Loan Hero put it like this, “for millions of people, student loans are their only hope of attending college.”

Student loans do help people go to college. They serve their purpose.

Is it smart to finance a $65,000 creative writing degree? Probably not in my opinion. But ultimately student loan debt is still widely viewed as a “Good Debt.”

Good Debt & College Loans

Even though I hate the term “Good Debt,” the term refers to any debt where the value or reward is higher than the cost. If you walk away with a college degree and get a good job.

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