Why Opinions Don’t Pay the Bills

We have all heard opinions from people in our lives on just about every subject. Sometimes opinions can be very beneficial. In fact, most of the time people offer their opinions because they truly care.

Opinions don't pay your bills!

In other words, don't value every opinion you hear as worthy because opinions don't pay your bills or help you live a happy life!

Don't let any old opinion in your head

Do not take every opinion as fact, and do not take every piece of advice as good. Always make proper, educated and unemotional decisions.

Don't Compare Financially & Choose Wisely my friend

Most of the time opinions are just that opinions. And sometimes financial opinions can be the worst pieces of advice. But something can and should be said for listening to opinions.

Here are some financial opinions I have heard recently

1. Don't worry about paying off student loans, just pay the minimums and apply for forgiveness. 2. You only live once, there is no point in having a financial game plan.

Here are some financial opinions I have heard recently

3. Invest in Bitcoin and Litcoin (82% drop since January) 4. You can have kids whenever, the money will take care of itself.

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