Dear Parents

Why Good Grades Really Don’t Matter

Grades don't matter. Grades are about the most inaccurate measure of someone's capability, but also their worth (many students associated their worth with grades).

Perfect Grades Teaches Perfection

My working mom never talked to me about my grades or put pressure on me to perform well. Because grades do not indicate your future success.

Grades Don’t Mean Much

My message behind grades not meaning much is that you can be really really studious, do all your work and chances are you will get good grades.

Grades and Perfection

Why do we tell students they have to get good grades to be successful when most of us know that after college you’ll never talk about grades again?

The Emphasis on Good Grades Means Grade Inflation

If grades are supposed to be so important, then not everyone can be an A student. 

Grades Encourage Immediate Gratification

Chasing grades might also be the highest form of immediate gratification. Like a dog, shake a paw, get a treat, grades are like treats to adolescents.


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