Reasons Why You’re Broke: And How to Fix It!

Why am I broke? Well, there are many reasons why you might keep asking why you’re broke. So today I set out to hopefully help you nail down just the reason you’re broke.

1. You Don’t Make Enough Money

Put simply, you don’t make enough money and that is why you’re feeling broke. Even if you happen to make six figures or some good money, you still might feel broke due to lifestyle inflation.

2. You Eat Out Too Much

If you’re a millennial or younger, according to one study, close to half of all millennials spend more money eating out, than they do saving each month!

3. You Drive Too Much Car

Your ride can also be the main reason you feel broke all the time! What most fail to recongize is that it's not just a car payment you're getting when you finance/lease a car or other associated.

4. You Don’t Save For Emergencies

Think about it logically (especially if you're a homeowner), in a 30 year period, do you think anything will happen that requires your immediate financial attention?

5. You Use Credit Cards

If you constantly rely on credit cards or use them frequently, there is a good chance you are broke. Unless you use credit cards and pay them off every month (for the points).

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