Financial Mentorship: Who Are You Listening to About Money?

There is one thing no one signs up for during the holiday season, but it seems to always be abundant…. that thing is bad financial advice! We all need financial mentorship in our lives, just not the kind we keep hearing.

How do you find a financial mentor?

Finding the right mentor in any type of mentoring relationship starts with you being what I like to call, “A Fruit Inspector.”

Steps to finding your mentor: 1. Make a direct contact list.

The first step in finding a financial mentor is to make a list of possible people whom you have direct contact with.

2. Make a stretch list

The next list of possible financial mentors you will want to create should consist of persons with who you have no direct access too.

3. Create a gameplan for approaching your possible mentor.

Now that you have your list of possible financial mentors, it's time to create a plan to reach out to them.

4. Add value to the mentor!

Be sure once someone agrees to mentor or coach you, that you add value to the relationship on your end too!

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