Where Do Your College Tuition Dollars Really Go?

More and more you hear about the impact of student loans on college graduates, who as of 2016, had an average student loan balance after graduating of $37,000.

Where College Tuition Money Goes

There is a good chance her tuition dollars did go towards her schooling… but there is also something else her tuition funded:

If you were in college, would you prefer to have some ripe, not locally grown avocado for breakfast, followed up with a lobster bake for dinner?

Food & Lifestyle

Or, would you like some pizza baked to perfection in the high school style cafeteria. The truth is that choices like these are what are greatly impacting college tuition and expenses.

The most interesting aspect of the mini-series all came down to two colleges competing for students. Vassar College and Bowdoin College.

Price to be Paid for College Tuition

The seller (colleges) place the customers (students) in groups based on their attributes (grades, race, sex, income, etc) and charge each group a different price.

Price Discrimination

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