When Do People Start to Question College Tuition Costs?

I was sitting with a friend of a friend recently who had some concerns about their financial package for a state public college. The estimated cost of tuition, books and room/board… drum roll please…. $32,000 per year!

When will people finally start to question the cost of college tuition costs?

What I am saying is that by just assuming that college tuition is what it is and so be it, might not be so healthy for your long term financial self. 

Alternatives to the traditional college route like…

– Community college then transfer to local university. – Military or ROTC programs for college tuition. – Trade schools. – Online certifications.

College starts in middle school… and it is kinda scary.

The middle schools have college shirt days and they're all told they are worthy of a college education, even if they have a reading level that is currently at second grade.

I sympathize with student loan debt.

They're constantly bombarded with filtered lifestyles on social media and told that they HAVE to go to college to succeed. And yes, 8 times out of 10, most people who have a college degree will earn more then someone who doesn't.

What does that really say about the true value of a degree?

Well that really depends. Sure teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and numerous other degrees might land you a job right after college.

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