I Found Money, What Now?

So what happens if you find a lump sum of cash laying on the floor of a store or in a parking lot? Do you turn it into a store employee or the authorities? Or do you try to find the rightful owner of the money and if you can’t you just keep it?

What you should do with found money!

The first instinct when someone finds money on the ground is to probably keep it. Maybe it’s just me, but I just said what most people think about when they find cash on the ground.

What to do if you find money in a store

if you’re in a store and you happen to find money on the ground, simply finding the store manager is a safe bet.

What if I find a few dollars?

Obviously, if you come across a few dollars blowing around a running trail one morning or sitting under a park bench the finders keepers rule goes into action.

What if your child finds money on the ground?

Teaching your child the value of money is one thing but also teaching them the value of doing the right thing is an easy task when they find money on the ground.

Just do the right thing in your heart

Turning it into the manager of the store where the money was found was a great idea. Doing the right thing worked out for everyone!!!

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