Student Loan Help: A Solution to Your Problems

Student loans might suck at times ultimately they did allow people like myself and my wife to get a degree that resulted in jobs with paychecks attached.

Solutions for your Student Loans

I don’t fancy myself as a student loan expert, but in November of 2016 we had $261,000 in student loans. Today we have $83,000 with another $35,000 displaced.

Student Loan Inspiration

Everyone needs some inspiration to get started on their journey when paying off student loans. You can read about how our student loan debt almost ruined our lives.

Mindset Shift & Student Loans

If you have never used a budget or you haven't created an emergency fund in the past, then you will need a shift in mindset.

Pick a student loan strategy that works

Still paying minimums on all debt, take extra income you freed up using the “Kill Your Extra Spending” post from below and apply it to the smallest debt.

Refinancing Student Loans

Refinancing your student loans can be your best option. Here are some of the pros of refinancing: 1. Lower monthly payment 2. Less money going towards interest


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