Money & The 10% Rule

Personal responsibility and financial ownership is needed in order to create a better situation for ourselves. We need more of it, but how does someone even start?

Money & The 10% Rule

Imagine if 10% of all your debt was gone… how pumped would you be? Credit/consumer debt, auto debt, student loan debt, heck even mortgage debt.

Chop wood, carry water

There is a great book I found, Chop Wood, Carry Water that discusses this exact concept: Don't get caught up in the results, just focus on the process.

Got your one area to improve in?

Now, look at that one area and assess where you are at. For example, maybe you would like to increase your savings.

The next step is to work backwards

If your goal is to save $1,000, what is the time frame? 5 months means you need to save $250 a month… not bad.

How can you personally apply the 10% rule to your life?

Maybe you need to stop spending so much money on $hit that doesn't matter (that was me talking to myself) and start thinking a little long term.


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