The Marriage Convo You Need to Have

Lets face it, the odds are overwhelmingly not in marriages favor. More then half of marriages don't end up happily ever after. Some stats say divorce is even higher then 50%.

The Top 2 Causes of Divorce: Money & Communication

If you are aware of the hot topic areas where maybe marriages don't go so well, you can then know how to work, prevent, and cooperate in those areas.

Communicating in a Marriage

Learn how to communicate. Pre-marriage counseling and experts in that field taught me lots about communication:

Communicating in a Marriage

1. Listen genuinely 2. Validate your partner 3. 5 positives for 1 negative 4. Personal responsibility always

Money, Marriage and Communication

Seriously, that is just a recipe for disaster. I am not saying to combine bank accounts if you don't want to. But you need to be on the same page as a couple together when it comes to money.

Hypothetical Marriage & Money Talk

We have a 5 and 10-year financial plan. In fact, as I type this I want to make them both better. We don't always agree about everything, but we always compromise.


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