Home Warranty

Why a Home Warranty Is Actually a Smart Money Saving tool

What options do you have when the roof needs repairs? It might be time to consider a home warranty, because believe it or not you might just have the same money long-term!

What are home warranties? 

Effectively, a home warranty picks up loose ends left behind by insurance companies by paying for home repair/replacement costs.

Why haven’t I heard of them before?

Our parents lived in houses built in the 1950s – or earlier. Often, these homes were made by hand, rather than by the systemic procedures used by builders today.

How much money can a home warranty REALLY save me?

Compare that to the cost of a home warranty. HomeAdvisor reports that the average home warranty costs $878 per year.

Beware of shady home warranty outfits

So, how do you find reputable home warranty firms while sidestepping the con artists? Start by reading online reviews intelligently.

The right home warranty firm can save you a bundle annually

If you’re looking for solutions to prepare ahead, or just to offset your out-of-control repair costs, a home warranty might just be it.


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