What is the Average Cost of College Tuition?

The average cost of attending a private four-year institution was $37,650. These averages are based on the published price at a college or university. This includes tuition and room and board.

Historical Average Cost of Tuition

For the 1985-86 school year, the average cost of college tuition at a public four-year institution was $8,981 for a student receiving in-state tuition.

Average Additional College Expenses

There are other fees and costs to factor in including the cost of room and board, books, and other supplies.


Transportation is another major category of expenses for college students. Will you have a car on campus? If so, plan to pay for gas, insurance, and a parking permit.

Other Living Expenses

There are any additional personal expenses like eating out, and laundry, To get an idea of how much you’ll spend every month, you could review your current spending.

Paying for College

If you’re planning on going to college for the first time, or returning for further education, consider looking into the options:

Paying for College

1. First Thing’s First: The FAFSA 2. Scholarships and Grants 3. Student Loans 4. Federal Student Loans


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