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What is A Voided Check

For whatever reason, the mental gumption it takes to find your  checkbook, pull out a check, write void across the front, scan/mail it,  and do whatever else some online bill payment system requires is  tiresome.

What is a Voided Check?

The act of voiding a check simply means you are making a check unusable in that it can no longer be used as a form of payment.

How to void a check:

1. Get a blue or black pen 2. Go to your checkbook and go to the next available check– 3. Write the four-letter word VOID across the front 3. Be sure to avoid writing over the pertinent account info.

When do I need a voided check?

Typically, you will only need a voided check when you are setting up  online payment and the company involved needs to verify your checking  information.

Do you really need to VOID checks?

Sometimes, once you have deposited a check or perhaps you wrote a check  incorrectly, traditional banking wisdom says you should VOID the check.

Online Banking & Voided Checks:

While this is certainly not required, it is a good best practice in case the check somehow ended up in the wrong hands.

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