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What is A Voided Check

The mental gumption it takes to find your checkbook, pull out a check, write void across the front, scan/mail it, and do whatever else some online bill payment system requires is tiresome.

What is a Voided Check?

The act of voiding a check simply means you are making a check unusable in that it can no longer be used as a form of payment.

How to void a check

1. Get a blue or black pen. 2. Go to your checkbook and go to the next available check. 3. Write the four-letter word VOID across the front.

How to void a check

4. Be sure to avoid writing over the pertinent account info. Do not write over your name, address, routing number, or account number. 5. Keep or make a copy for your records.

When do I need a voided check?

The most common reasons you will be asked to void a check include: 1. To Setup Direct Payments 2. Regular Bill Payments 3. Direct Deposit

Do you really need to VOID checks?

Sometimes, once you have deposited a check or perhaps you wrote a check incorrectly, traditional banking wisdom says you should VOID the check.

Online Banking & Voided Checks

Technically, once you deposit a check using your banking app on your smartphone, you are supposed to void the check.


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