Ways to Stop Spending Money & Increase Your Cash Flow


It is hard to stop spending money when you go to Wegmans on a full stomach, let alone hungry. But food is not the only place where American Adults can stop spending money. Here is a list of ways to stop spending so much money.

1. Start with WHY

Take out your cell phone and write down 3-5 reasons on your notes about “Why” you need to stop spending money. 1. Happy & Healthy Family of 5 2. No financial stress 3. Debt free at 33

2. Track Spending Habits

Start tracking your spending to reduce your spending. By tracking all of your spending with apps like Personal Capital you will quickly be “Aware” of your spending and do more to curb it.

3. Reduce Cell Phone Expenses

Cell phone companies really, really want your business. So go get the best deal for your needs. Consider bundling with families to save on bill expenses. See if your work offers a discount, most companies do!

4. Stop spending money on cable

You can save on average, $1200 annually by just eliminating your TV subscription. This is one of the simplest ways to cut monthly expenses.

5. Stop spending money on cars

Big house, big car, lots of gas, you guessed the theme. American's contribute roughly $6 out of every $10 they make to their house and cars. If your car is costing you  $800 a month it is time to downsize.

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