Ideas to Help You Pay Off $100,000 in Student Loans (In 24 Months)

Having 100k in student loan debt (or more) isn't fun. I can tell you as someone who didn't have $100,000 worth of student loans, then I magically did – being part of the 6% with that kind of student loan debt isn't fun.

Ideas we used to Pay Off $100,000:

When I first went to college, back in 2005, I had no clue that I would end up with over $40,000 in student loans. My mom kept telling me that she filled out this FASFA thing to help get the money I needed for college.

How to Start Paying Off $100,000

Just the idea of paying off six figures worth of student loans will stop most people dead in their tracks. So here are 5 quick strategies to help you start paying off $100,000 or more in student loans.

1. Stop Spraying Your Money.

The first strategy when it comes to paying off student loans (Or any debt for that matter) is concentrating your efforts to pay off one specific loan at a time by making extra payments.

2. Cash Windfall Your Student Loans

Large cash gifts from a wedding, inheritance or even your tax return are better spent paying off your student loans instead of spending or even saving.

3. Find Ways to Make More Money

You make lots of money or you are a public school teacher with student loan debt (like me), the key to paying off student loans faster is to have more money to do so.

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