Financial Assistance

Best Way To Get Financial Assistance With Bills

What do you do when you do not have enough money to pay your bills? Where can you go for assistance? The bills will continue to come, but do not stress there are many agencies out there to help you.

Where to Find Help With Bills?

There are Federal programs, which you can find on the government website, but here is a list of some of the programs you can find to help you along your way.

1. Housing

There are certain places that can help with rent payments and housing for lower-income families. 1. The Housing Choice Voucher Program 2. Gradient Gives Back Foundation

2. Utilities

Living life without utilities can be challenging. These programs can help with the utilities.  1. Your Utility Company can also help with bills. 2. Dollar Energy Fund

3. Food

Here are some programs that can assist with food-related needs. 1. Soup Kitchens are another source to find food. 2. Feeding America Network is the largest food bank/ food pantry in country.

4. Health Care

These programs make sure people have healthy bodies. 1. ACA. The Affordable Care Act 2. Urgent Care is that doc in the box kind of place to get in and out. 3. Generic Drugs

5. Childcare & Education

The ACF has created many different programs to help facilitate well-being in the education: 1. Office of Childcare 2. TANF is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.


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