Wake Up America! We Need Student Loan Limits

Since 2003, student loan debt in the United States has tripled, eclipsing $1.6 trillion dollars. While there are many factors to blame the biggest factor might come back to supply and demand.

Why We Need Better Student Loan Limits

If the new iPhone costs $1,000 or $2,000 people are going to buy it. And this is the exact same reason why we have all witnessed student loans increase to astronomical amounts over the last 15 years.

Quick History of Student Loans

Most of the loans they funded were through Federal Perkins and Federal Stafford loans, however over the years, the federal funds shrank opening the door for more student loans and placing the burden on the states.

The Student Loan Arms Race

Just like college football programs recruit players- colleges have fully immersed themselves in a “College arms race,” to grab more students. 

Current Federal Student Loan Lending Limits

No prior work experience and sometimes no clue what they actually want in life – they can proceed to take out student loans for college.

Why We Need Federal Student Loan Limits

Most families in America simply cannot afford to send their kids to college without student loans. Which is why there needs to be a student loan lending limit. 

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