Best Jobs to Make $100,000 Without a Degree

If you are someone who was afraid to take out student loan debt, didn't have the grades or funds to go to college or maybe you never even wanted to go – You can still make $100,000.

1. Insurance Sales

The average insurance agent makes $50,000 a year, but without a degree, a top-performing agent in the 90th percentile can make $128,000 plus.

2. Real Estate Agent or Broker

That being said, becoming a real estate agent and keeping your nose to the grindstone can be one of the best jobs without a degree!

3. Construction Superintendents

Overseeing the work on a construction site or large project requires experience, but starting out in the field and growing with a company can happen relatively quickly.

4. Start a Blog

As a full-time teacher, blogging was my first teaching side hustle because of the flexibility. There are bloggers who make $100,000 blogging not in a year, but sometimes in a single month.

5. Sales Jobs

Whether you are selling exterior home products or software, most sales jobs require a general understanding of products and people.


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