Tips to Help You Pass the SHL Assessment Test

SHL test assesses different personality areas from numerical skills, verbal skills, & personality traits of an applicant in order to help better match applicants. Here are best tips to pass the test.

1. Take your time to research

Some companies customize the questions to fit their needs and if you research and get a detailed background about the company, you might answer the questions right.

2. Remember, it is okay to fail!

Know that it is okay to fail and it doesn’t mean the end of your world. You will get another chance to sit for the test or it might be your chance to get a better job.

3. Improve on your time management skills

You cannot ignore time management because all the questions are timed and you will be expected to answer as many questions as possible.

4. Get your mind and body ready

On the day of the test, give yourself the time to: 1. Eat breakfast 2. Don't second guess yourself when you take the test 3. Arrive early

5. Understand the content of the test

If you do not understand what questions you will get during the test, you might be taken by surprise and panic immediately after you start.


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