Unusually Weird Tips For Saving Money

This actually happens every month. I log on, I forget I am paid ahead, I get excited, and then I just make the payment anyways to stay ahead and save a little money in the long run! Here is a list of 17 tips on saving money.

1. Create a mortgage cushion

Step 1: Divide your monthly mortgage payment by four. Step 2: Take that number and save it for the next four months.

2. Round monthly payments up to 25

It is a weird thing I do, but I can't stand making payments that are unusual amounts like $637.45. Instead, round up to the nearest number divisible by $25.

3. Hack the state car inspection

Just get your inspection done on the first day of the month after your inspection expires. For example, if your state inspection for your vehicle is due in July, wait until the first of August.

4. Check for health bonuses at work

Check and see if your place of employment offers compensation for going to the gym or getting your annual health screening.

5. Shuffle your debt

Something that works really well for my wife and I is we shuffle around our debt. This might seem risky but if we get a free balance transfer on a credit card that is interest-free for 18 months.

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