How Much Money Do You Really Need to Make?

How much money do I need to make in order to cover life's expenses? Well today we will explore just that – how do you determine how much money you need to make.

How Much Money You Need to Make

Everyone's “Personal” finances are different. This means the amount you might need to make is different than the amount your friend or family member needs to make.

Most of determining how much you need to make boils down to factors such as:

1. Your age 2. Family  3. Your physical location 4. The type of housing you desire 5. Fixed vs Variable expenses

How do you handle debt?

While investing in the future is always smart and there are many differing opinions out there, my mindset becomes debt free as fast as possible.

How to make more money

For starters, here are a few quick ideas to help you make some extra money on the side or at work!

1. Ask for a Raise 2. Start a Side Hustle 3. Launch a Blog 4. Sell things Online

How to make more money


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