You Graduated College: 6 Tips You Need to Now Know

While graduating from college closes one door, it also marks the opening of countless other doors. Here are the best money tips you need to know now.

1. Pay Off Student Loan Debt Fast

If you are new graduate from college my biggest money tip accelerate your student loan payments and get rid of your student loans as fast as possible!

2. College Grads Don't Buy New Cars

If you have student loan debt you need to first pay that off and start saving before you ever buy a new car.

3. Live on a Budget

Your first check will be the most money you have ever gotten. But just because you make it, doesn't mean you should spend it. In fact, you should seriously consider living stingy!

4: Save & Invest

Practice saving and investing in your early 20’s. In fact, after paying off all of your student loans get used to investing/saving at least 25% of your income.

5. Start Entrepreneurship at 23, not 28

Conventional wisdom tells us the only way to have success is to go to college and be careful when it comes to entrepreneurship.

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