Time is Money, & Money is More Time!

If you adopt the philosophy that “Money is Time,” and truly embrace the idea that more money provides you with more time – you will increase your productivity, lifestyle, and overall happiness.

Why Money is Time

Truth be told, delaying gratification, making lifestyle adjustments and working super hard to generate a positive monthly income has allowed us to payoff tons of student loans.

$100 and my sanity

Over the last month, we have paid $120 in dog walking fees, $100 to have our house cleaned, and I paid my little brother $50 to aerate and seed my yard.

Pick 3 things you wish you didn’t have to do

Pick 3 things you really just don’t enjoy doing. For example, my top 3 would be laundry, cleaning our house, and cooking.

Life is all about options

Hiring a monthly cleaning service, having our kitchen painted and just having peace of mind as we progress on our journey are not even after thoughts.


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