It Might Be Time to Think Differently About Money

It was a progression to think differently about money, but you have to start somewhere. So where should you start? Here are the steps we took that allowed us to start thinking about money differently.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself

Stay away from the comparison game and realize there is more context to every situation.

2. Stop saying YES to every social event

Once you get the hang of saying, NO you'll quickly learn to cherish moments instead of expensive nights out.

3. Find a Mentor

Can your co-worker who makes just as much as you really help you that much with your finances? No. So find someone who is really good with money to teach you.

4. Read up on money topics

If you're having trouble learning how to think differently, the best way is (And will always be) reading! Clearly you read, so keep it up!

5. Put your back against the wall

Not literally, but figure out ways to challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable when it comes to thinking differently about money.


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