Time is Money, & Money is More Time!

If you adopt the philosophy that “Money is Time,” and truly embrace the idea that more money provides you with more time – you will increase your productivity, lifestyle, and overall happiness.

Why Money is Time

Why Money is Time – Not Time is Money:  I saw a few stats in crafting this that the average person spends somewhere around 13 minutes a day just in the kitchen cleaning. 

$100 and my sanity

$100 and my sanity, thanks home cleaning service. Over the last month, we have paid $120 in dog walking fees, $100 to have our house cleaned, and I paid my little brother $50 to aerate and seed my yard.

Pick 3 things

Pick 3 things you wish you didn’t have to do. So if you are having trouble finding the motivation to maybe get yourself in a better financial place here is my challenge for you. Pick 3 things you really just don’t enjoy doing. 

Life is all about options.

Lifestyle, that is choice, and that is life options. BUT THAT ONLY HAPPENS with positive monthly income and little to no debt. And I bet if you knew that you were 1-4 years from having that you would be willing to delay on some things in the meantime.

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