Things to Know About Life By Age 30!

Today I want to talk about goals moving forward and things to know about life by age 30 accompanied by some things that we should all look to accomplish in our 30s.

10 Things to Know About Life

I came up with 100% on my own, nor is it a conclusive list. There are probably a million different things you can do in your 30’s to really enjoy them and set yourself up for your 40’s and 50’s.

1. Be more intentional with your time.

If you are 30 and live to be 80  you have 18,250 days, give or take a few, or 438,000 hours. Factoring 8 hours of sleeping daily, you have roughly 292,000 walking hours or 12,165 days or 33 walking years.

2. Start a Family.

So while it is easy to say things like you can never plan for kids, I personally disagree. No student loans for us means more options FOR OUR KIDS. And we are almost there… so rant over, but we are close and happy to start a family!

3. Prepare financially for 40 than 50 and 60.

These next 10 years, 30-40, are pivotal financially for setting yourself up nice in your 40’s and on. The conventional personal finance advice is outdated.

4. Increase Savings Exponentially.

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to increase your savings rate exponentially. Just to define savings rate, it means money that is growing for you.

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