Best Board Games Loved by Experts and Kids That Can Help Leveling Up Kid’s Social Skills

Playing board games presents an opportunity to understand group dynamics, practice interpersonal skills, improve social skills, practice for specific social situations and develop the all-important skill of working well with others. Here is a list of some best board games.

1. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

For five years, it's been the best-selling preschool game for a reason. It's easy to play. Little kids love to spin the spinner and feed their squirrel five different colored acorns.

2. Candyland

For over 70 years, this adored, easy-to-understand game set within a kids' dreamland of candy has been a go-to for families. While it seems simple, it introduces the concept of rules, following directions, and winning and losing to preschool-aged kids.

3. Zingo

We've been playing this game regularly for years in our house, and it's so much fun no one realizes it's teaching reading fundamentals as well.

4. Ticket to Ride

This award-winning board game is so popular that they released a Juniors version so younger kids can get in on the fun (and improve their social skills too).

5. Uno

This classic game that's “easy to pick-up and hard to put down” has been played for 50 years. While it seems like a fun, competitive race to get rid of your cards.

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