Talking About Money, Well That’s Just Taboo

Wait, did you just mention the word money in a social situation? How dare you. If you’re the person who brings up the subject of money at work or happy hour, well that is a big fat social no-no!

Tips for Talking About Money 1. Don’t Brag

The reason why talking about money can be seen as taboo at times, is well sometimes talking about money can turn into bragging about money.

2. Don’t Share Personal Information

This goes for you not sharing all your personal stuff, but really this tip applies to what someone might share with you. Instead, if someone talks about money with you, be sure you're respectful.

3. Be sincere

Being sincere when it comes to talking money might fall in line with the first two tips, however, this goes a level deeper. Don't get upset about past history and do your best to empathize.

4. Don’t Judge

We recognized that we both (Me & My Wife) had made really good and some really not so good money choices in our past and that neither was perfect. So when we talk about money, we never judge!

5. Agree to disagree

At the end of the day, remember it is always OK to agree to disagree! You should learn to agree to disagree when you're talking about money with others! Either way, encourage others for taking control of their financial future! 

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