Investing: Stock Researching Advice & Sites

When it comes to stock research sites and doing proper research – the general notion is that if investing is easy, everyone would do it. Here's some advice for stock researching.

1. Read More than Just the Numbers

This isn't a smart time to trust a piece of advice from your friend without researching it yourself first. You must get the entire picture, not just current price.

2. Look for the Bargains

Look out for companies that are carrying a lot of debt. Avoid companies that are cyclical or overly dependent on the economy.

3. Find Long-Term Investments

For long-term investments, it's imperative to research the entire picture. Look into their trends, their leadership, and their ability to weather this virus.

4. Frequent Stock Research Sites & Investment Sites

1. Sign up for newsletters. 2. Check for blogs and advice across several websites before trading or investing anything.

5. Follow Standard Research Advice and Lean Into Reliable Markets

1. Gather the Quantitative Data 2. Synthesize the Important Data 3. Research the Human Elements of the Company

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