Steps to Get Better With Money

“How to Get Better With Money.” My aim is to provide something that someone who had no clue about money could use right out of the gates. Here are the best steps that help to get better with money.

1. Have a long term plan

This doesn’t have to be something crazy. Just write down some long term goals – 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years out.

2. Line up debts

First priority, line up any debt you have from consumer and auto, to student loans and lines of credit.

As a general rule of thumb, you should ideally have at least three, ideally 6+ months of expenses in emergency savings!

3. Develop and emergency savings fund

Start by creating a list: 1. Like working out? 2. Maybe you like computers? 3. Or do you like cooking? 4. Maybe you have a craft hobby?

4. Create a list of things you like to do

5. Entrepreneurialism

Say what? Yes, becoming an entrepreneur can lead you down a path you might not ever imagine. If you have a great business idea start putting it to action.


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