Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Make Money


My idea of fun isn’t cleaning out the garage, office and kitchen all weekend, I will say that spring cleaning this weekend was shockingly refreshing. Here are few spring cleaning tips to make money.

1. Yard Sale Season – Make a For Sale Pile

Here are some yard sale items that sell like hotcakes: 1. Kitchenware 2. Dishes 3. Gently used clothes 4. Tools

Spring cleaning does wonders for your psych, but can also help someone else out! The tax write off won’t be lots, but every little bit adds up.

2. Donate  = Tax Write Offs

This may or may not apply to you, but see about selling your used textbooks on Amazon or websites like Book Scouter.

3. Sell Used Textbooks

The best way to start is to work from top to bottom. Piles seem to work best: 1. Sell Pile 2. Donate Pile 3. Toss Pile 4. Organize Pile

4. Find Items of Value

Do this now and you can thank me later. Login to Vista Print, make yourself all the cards you need for the year for birthdays and holidays.

5. Buy Cards in Bulk

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