Dear Snowplow Parents – Stop Ruining Sports for Your Kids

I was actually a coach for a good portion of my adult life and most of what I have to say comes down to two things:  1. Parenting – specifically snowplow parenting 2. Parents chasing unicorn

Blame the parents, blame the time, blame the sport. It doesn't really matter who you blame, at the end of the day coaches are resigning like crazy. And honestly, can you blame the coaches?

Snowplow Parents Are Hurting Sports

Growing up, my mom loved my coaches. She thanked them for giving us rides to practice and helping out when maybe she couldn’t. 

Coaching vs Parenting

I remember when a wrestler quit during my first season coaching. "I figured since I wrestle JV I will probably never get a scholarship, so I am quitting.”

What youth & high school sports should teach:

1. Losing (Something we will all experience) 2. Losing with pride 3. Not everyone wins or gets a trophy 4. How to fail forward

Eat Dirt – You’ll be ok.

When we were little kids we played outside. The only time we were inside was when it was raining. And when we played outside we fell, got back up, and sometimes we even ate dirt.

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