Smart Money Moves to Make (When You Earn Less Than $50,000 A Year)


Making more money is always important, but it's all about how you approach your annual salary. Here is the list of Smart Money Moves to Make (When You Earn Less Than $50,000 A Year).

1. Be honest with your $50,000 salary

If you’re someone who makes $50,000 you should first get a grasp of how much $50,000 really is, that starts with being honest.

Your real hourly rate is not how much you make by hours, it is how much you make when you factor in every single hour.

2. Calculate your real hourly value

Here are some quick ideas to help you make extra money: 1. Ask for a raise at work 2. Complete some surveys 3. Walk dogs

3. Figure out some ways to earn extra money

With your $50,000 salary make sure you’re not overspending or letting your money quickly evade you every time you get paid.

4. Pretend you make $5,000

Your car purchases should never be more than 25% of your annual salary. Therefore, if you make $50,000 per year your car should be worth about $12,500.

5. Do not buy a new car

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