Smart Money Moves to Make (When You Earn Less Than $50,000 A Year)


Making more money is always important, but it's all about how you approach your annual salary. Here is a list of smart money moves to make (when you earn less than $50,000 a year).

1. Pay off bad debt, like credit card debt

Want to know the quickest way to making more money? Free up money that is tied up each month to pay off debt.

Just like how we are constantly bombarded with online shopping deals, there is no shortage of investing promotions either.

2. Start Investing, even if it is just $10 a month

A 401K contribution that is matched takes precedence over paying off student loans and even saving. Why? Because it is free money.

3. Get your 401K match

Saving to save is a scarcity mindset and is different than an emergency fund (below). Every dollar should work for you at all times.

4. Save only after you pay off debt

While saving just to save is not the best use of your money, creating an emergency fund isn’t a bad idea.

5. Build a FAT emergency fund


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