For The Things That Matter Most – Here is How To Easily Save Money

Goals make life easier, so why should saving money be any different? Dobot was built to help you visualize your goals and to make it super simple to start saving for them. Dobot makes saving money easy by using the power of automation.

How Dobot Works to Save Money

Dobot helps you and your family save by visualizing your goals and then makes saving easy by automating the entire process. Just connect your checking account, and Dobot goes to work.

5 Steps To Using Dobot: 1. Download The App

After downloading the app to your phone, create your Dobot account and establish your goals. Then, connect your checking account.

2. Set Up Your Savings Goals

Use Dobot’s “group savings goal” feature to let multiple people – like family or friends, save for the same goal. This feature works great to let a group of people save for larger family vacations.

3. Decide How Much You’d Like To Save

Use Dobot’s Smart Savings feature to let the app look for clever opportunities to automatically save every few days, or set up a savings schedule on your own for more granular control.

4. Get Regular Updates About Your Savings Goals

You'll receive a weekly text message at the end of the week with how much money you saved that week, and you always have access to your savings activity straight from the app.

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