Ways to Easily Save Thousands This Fall (Each One Takes Less Than 30 Minutes)

Good money management practices are often a result of hard work, dedication, and an ongoing commitment to the long-term. But what it boils down to is simply taking initial action. In fact, you’d be surprised by how much money you can save by taking a few small steps.

1. Review and Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

Comparing and shopping around for new automobile insurance every 6-12 months is a sure way to either save a few hundred dollars or at least to ensure that your policy doesn’t increase gradually.

2. Build a Free Financial Plan

A financial plan is one of the best tools you can have available to you. Your plan is like the north star of your current and future financial picture, guiding you through your decision making.

3. Review Your Subscriptions and Memberships

It’s easy to assume that there are a few online subscriptions and memberships of your own that you are not using nearly as much as you should be.

4. Eliminate Your High-Interest Debts and Loans

By paying down your debt, you’ll be saving yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest payments over time. When you’re working on paying off your debts, focus on the accounts with the highest interest rates.

5. Get an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner also referred to as a success partner, is exactly what it sounds like. A person who’s there to hold you accountable for the decisions and actions in your financial life.

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