Finally – A Simple Way to Make Your Rent Payment

Paying rent is a choice many make for a variety of reasons. In addition to the ever-increasing price of homeownership, many choose to rent to keep their lives simple. Today, I want to introduce you to a creative, innovative company that provides a unique way to pay your rent.

Who is Findigs?

Findigs began development in March 2019 and launched in the app in October 2019. Their mission is to turn the entire renting process into a rewarding, user-friendly experience.

Do We Need Another Rent Payment Option?

In a word, yes. Rent payments are no exception. Legacy software providers have clunky interfaces and often charge high “convenience fees” to users.

Benefits for Renters

According to research conducted by the Boston Fed in 2017, only 16% of people pay their rent online. The survey suggests that people with higher education and incomes use online rent payments at a higher rate than others.

Benefits for Landlords

Landlords have plenty of options to create applications, screen tenants, and collect rent, with total costs varying significantly. Some of the available options include Appfolio, Realpage, Cozy, Avail, RentPrep.

How Does Findigs Make Money?

They charge for premium services like advanced screening reports and renter's insurance. They also earn commissions from various brand partners, a portion of which gets shared with users.

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