Why Student Loans Are Not Always A Bad Thing

Believe it or not, there are some benefits of student loans. Did he, the guy who tells you to pay off your student loans ASAP, just say student loans are not always a bad thing?

Is he implying that student loans can be a GOOD THING?

Yes, Now you are at point of scratching your head and wondering why I would imply student loans are a good thing, just keep reading for a second. 

Benefits to having student loans

Student loans do provide opportunities for people like myself, my wife, and countless others a chance to get a college degree.

My Personal Student Loan Story

When I was 17 I applied to two colleges. I went with WVU over VCU because my best friend was going there and they had a good football team.

Which is why a college degree isn’t always a bad thing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the weekly median income difference between a person with no degree and a Bachelors is still $450.

Good Debt & College Loans

For simple brains like mine, student loan debt is not bad if you walk away with a college degree and get a good job. I wouldn’t have had any of that without student loans.


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