Reasons Why You’re Broke: And How to Fix It!

Why am I broke? Well, there are many reasons why you might keep asking why you’re broke. So today I set out to hopefully help you nail down just the reason you’re broke.

1. You’re Trying to Keep Up

Instead of keeping up, it's time to recognize that keeping up doesn't make you happier and it is actually keeping you broke in the long run.

2. You’re Comfortable

What I really wanted to say is you might be broke because you're lazy. But I decided comfortable was nicer than lazy. 

3. You Have Too Much Debt

Just because a bank says yes to financing, doesn't mean you should be purchasing whatever it is your financing. 

4. You’re A Short Term Thinker

Our short term decision making can sometimes get the best of us while keeping you broke at the same time!

5. You Impulse Buy

When you walk into the store without a list, without a plan, and a credit card in your hand – there is a high probability you're 5-30 minutes away from committing some impulse buying!


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