Reasons the United States Education System is BROKE & How to Fix It!

Most of the short comings in not just the public education system, but educational system as a whole can be fixed in just a few simple ways. Here we will explore problems with the educational systems.

Problem 1: Square peg in round holes

As this student behavior and family life wasn't the best, and he really lacked the skills necessary to succeed in the rigorous high school setting.

Problem 2: Industrial Revolution Education

Because of this industrial type system, learning is not very integral. Just show up sit down and do what is expected.

Problem 3: Standardized Testing & Educational Companies

The no child left behind act basically pushed education down a path of standardized testing to collect data to report student progress.

Problem 4: Instant Gratification & Parent Involvement

Giving a child everything he or she desires hurts their ability to think long term, work through problems. Are we raising kids or adults?

Problem 5: College is $hit ton of money

The college debt story stems from a few problems: 1. Blame the government. Pell grants used to cover up to 77% of college. In 2011 it is less than 40%

Problem 5: College is $hit ton of money

2. Colleges are aware of this, simply supply and demand. 3. Universities. More loans, more money, more problems.


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