Real Ways to Make Money From Home (In Your Sweats)

Today  there are countless and legitimate ways to make money online while sitting at home enjoying the comfort of your living room couch… and not being called lazy!

1. Paid Surveys & Market Research

You can make money by conducting market research with survey companies from different  apps such as:  1. Survey Junkie 2. MyPoints 3. Swagbucks

2. Start a Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing can come in many forms and the scope of services you can offer are endless. Typically, it's best to be really good at one niche – like SEO, Social Media, or Graphics .

3. Work From Home Free Lance Services

Whether you're just looking to make a little extra here and there, or  you're hoping to quit your day job, writing articles, editing copy and  creating graphics are all in high demand in the digital world!

4. Offer Social Media Management Services

Managing social media accounts for business owners who don't have time to mess with their Instagram or Facebook is a great way to make money from home and your phone!

5. Graphic Design.

While graphic design requires some background knowledge and experience – if you have the ability to create custom designs/graphics for business owners you can make some serious income!

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