Why You Need to Know Your Real Hourly Wage

Your real hourly wage is the amount of money you make minus your annual costs, divided by the number of hours you spend making said money. The clock starts when you get up and start your day preparing for work and ends when you get home.

Money is time

1. Money is time, and time is more choice. 2. The more time you have, typically the more choices you have to do whatever it is that brings you pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment.

Real Life, Real Hourly Wage Scenario

According to a Pew analysis of Labor Department data, the average employee put in almost 39 hours a week and works close to 47 weeks per year. 3 Ways to use your real hourly wage wisely.

1. Increase your real hourly wage

There are two simple ways (Not necessarily easy) to increase your real hourly wage: 1. Make more money 2. Spend less time making money

2. Spend your money as if it is time

Something that knowing your real hourly wage can help with is how you go about spending your money. Instead of rationalizing purchases in terms of cost, instead, view spending in terms of hours.

3. Save at least one hour per day

The concept of paying yourself first still applies as Bach states, but pay yourself with time. Simple translation you have no excuse not to save at least one hour of your real hourly wage per day.

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