Dear Parents: Playing Time is Earned

My playing time was… well let's just say little to none. And I will be the first to admit, I didn't deserve more playing time either. Because at the end of the day, playing time is earned. So here are solutions for parents to help deal with playing time struggles.

1. Talk to your child

Have a conversation with your child and be sure to keep it positive. See how you can help them improve and encourage them to talk to their coach!

2. Avoid getting involved

Fight every single last urge to get involved, even as hard as it might seem. 1. Will there be times you have a valid argument against a coach? Yes. 2. Do coaches play favorites? Some might.

3. Build your child up

Regardless of what happens, use those tough conversations and playing time issues as an opportunity to build your child up. 

4. Ask the effort question

My little brother is good at basketball. As a senior, he could dunk and he can shoot it. But he was cut as a freshman and junior, and truthfully, it's probably because of his effort.

5. Schedule a meeting, just keep it positive!

If it comes down to it, if talking about it doesn't work and your child has a real case for more playing time, reach out to the coach first to see about having a meeting or conversation.

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