Places to Find a Free Public Notary (In a Pinch)

Back in 2010, I bought my first home. Fast forward a year, and I needed to fill out this affidavit that required a notary. However, today I am going to show you how to find a free public notary ASAP.

1. Best Notary Option: Your Bank

One of the best (yet often overlooked) establishments to get documents notarized is your bank. That’s right! 

2. Runner-up: Your Job

If you work for a reasonably large company that has an admin function, it’s possible that administrative assistants and some other staff can notarize documents for you.

3. Not Free: UPS Stores

The great thing about getting papers notarized at a shipping company like UPS is that you can then immediately send the documents wherever they need to go. 

4. Your local Post Office

Contrary to popular belief, your local post office will almost certainly NOT offer notary services. That’s because post offices are federal agencies, whereas notary publics are a state service.

Step 5: A local pharmacy (sometimes)

Believe it or not, some local pharmacies and doctor’s offices can provide notary services, especially if the papers that need notarizing are of a medical nature.

Tap the link below TO find best free public notaries

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